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Sarpy County Covenants

Subdivision Information – Please note that copies provided are for informational purposes only. It is possible that revised covenants, easements or other items may affect a particular property. To ensure accuracy of items affecting a property, a proper title examination should be performed.

Apple Grove
Ardmore East
Ashbury Creek
Ashbury Farm
Ashbury Hills
Ashford Hollow
Aspen Creek Amended
Aspen Creek North
Aspen Creek
Avery Hills
Avery North Replat 1
Avery North
Avian Forest Replat 1
Barrington Place 3
Barrington Place
Bella West
Bellaire Addition A
Birchfield 3rd Addition, Lot 1
Bridgeport Villas
Brook Park
Brook Valley Business Park (Lots 1-28)
Brook Valley Business Park (Lots 26-37)
Brook Valley Business Park (Lots 34-46)
Cascio Addition 1
Cascio Subdivision II
Castle Ridge
Cedar Grove (Phase I)
Cedar Grove (Phase II)
Cedar Hollow
Cedar Place
Cedar Ridge Addition
Cedar View
Centennial Acres
Chalco Pointe 1st Addition
Chalco Pointe
Chandler Acres
Chestnut Ridge
Cheyenne Country Estates
Cimarron Woods (Lots 1-379)
Cimarron Woods (Lots 381-505)
Cinnamon Acres Replat
Cinnamon Acres
Cinnamon Estates
Clearwater Falls (Lots 1-166)
Clearwater Falls (Lots 167-254)
Clearwater Falls (Lots 255-345)
Copper Creek
Copper Ridge
Cornish Acres
Cotton-wood 2nd Addition
Cotton-wood 3rd Addition
Cotton-wood 4th Addition
Countryside Addition
Crystal Creek
Daniell Crossing
Deer Creek
Dietz Meadows
Eagle Crest (Lots 1-106)
Eagle Crest (Lots 107-201)
Eagle Hills (Lots 1-157)
Eagle Hills (Lots 160-268)
Eagle Hills (Lots 269-395)
Eagle Ridge
Eagle View (Lots 1-196)
Eagle View (Lots 197-265)
Echo Hills (Lots 1-69)
Echo Hills (Lots 70-145)

Echo Hills (Lots 146-182)
Eden's Heights Addition
Edgewater Estates
Edgewater on the Park
Emerald Oaks (Lots 1-66)
Emerald Oaks 2nd Addition
Equestrian Ridge Estates II
Evansboro Estates
Fair Haven 2nd Addition
Fairview South 2
Fairway Pointe II Replat 1
Fairway Pointe II Replat 3
Falcon Forest
Farber Addition
Farbers 2nd Addition
Faulkland Heights
Forest Run II
Forest Run III
Fox Meadow Replat 3
Fox Meadow
Fox Ridge Estates
French Village
Garden Oaks
Giles Corner
Giles Ridge Replat One
Giles Ridge
Glenwood Hills Replat
Glenwood Hills
Golden Hills
Golden Hills IV
Grand Vista Estates
Green Meadows 
Gregg Road Place South
Groves Suburban Heights Replat of Block 4
Groves Suburban Heights
Hanson's Lakes
Harrison Heights
Harrison Woods (Lots 164-166 Sublots)
Harrison Woods (Lots 167-309)
Harrison Woods Replat 3

Harrison Woods
Hawaiian Village and Replat 1
Hawk Ridge Replat 1
Hawk Ridge
Heartland Hills
Heritage Condo Prop Regime
Heritage Hills
Hickory Estates
Hickory Hill II (Lots 1-129)
Hickory Hill II (Lots 130-253)
Hickory Ridge (Lots 1-261)
Hickory Ridge (Lots 274-562)
Hidden Valley Ranches
High View Estates
Highland Park 
Highview Addition Replat of Lots 142 & 143
Highview Addition
Hogans Addition

Hunters Crossing
Hunters Crossing 2nd
Hunters Crossing 3rd
Hunters Ridge
Hyda Hills
Kingsbury Hills
Kirby's 1st Addition
Lake Ridge Estates
Lakeside at Tiburon
Lakewood Villages (Lots 1-179)
Lakewood Villages (Lots 180-260)
Lakewood Villages (Lots 261-388)
Lakewood Villages (Lots 389-503)
Lakewood Villages (Lots 504-618)
Lakewood Villages Replat 15
Lakewood Villages Replat 3 & 5
Lakewood Villages Replat 7
Lawre Addition 3
Lawre Addition No. 2
Leawood Oaks
Lienemann's Subdivision 2
Lincoln Place First Platting
Lincoln Place Fourth Platting
Lincoln Place Phase 2 Replat 1
Lincoln Place Third Platting
Lincoln Way
Lion's Gate
Lite Industrial Limited Condo Park
Little Prairie
Lookingglass Heights
Lyman Hylands
Maclad Heights
Mayfair 2nd Addition Replat 1
Mayfair 2nd Addition
Mayfair Addition
Meadow Oaks
Meridian Park Replat Two
Millard Highlands South 2nd Platting
Millard Highlands South II Replat
Millard Highlands South II
Millard Highlands South III
Millard Highlands South Replat 2
Millard Highlands South Replat 4
Millard Highlands South Replat
Millard Highlands South

Millard Park (Lots 30-209)
Millard Park (Lots 211-318)
Millard Park (Lots 319-341)
Millard Park (Lots 342-402)
Millard Park (Lots 403-487)
Millard Park (Lots 488-595)
Millard Park Replat 1
Millard Park Replat 5
Millard Park South 2
Millard Park South
Mission Heights Addition A
Mission Heights Addition B
Mission View
Monarch Grove Condominium Prop Regime
Monarch Grove Condominium
Monarch Place
Normandy Hills
North Ridge Estates Replat 2
North Ridge Estates
North Shore
Oak Hills of Papillion
Oak Ridge Estates 
Oakridge East
Oaks of Fontenelle Condo Prop Regime II
Offutt Towers Replat Five
Offutt Towers Replat Two
Olivo Estates Replat
Orchard Valley
Overland Hills II
Overland Hills III
Overland Hills IV
Overland Hills V
Overland Hills
Palisades Replat Four
Papio Valley II Condominium Regime
Paradise Park
Park View Terrace 
Pebblebrooke (Lots 1-114)
Pebblebrooke (Lots 115-203)
Pilgrims Landing
Pink Industrial Park
Pioneer View
Pipers Glen (Lots 1-156)
Pipers Glen (Lots 157-201)
Pleasant Ridge

Plum Creek 2nd Platting
Plum Creek Replat 4
Plum Creek
Point Sans Arc
Portal Ridge
Prairie Ridge
Red Feather Ridge
Remington Ridge (Lots 1 thru 72)

Remington Ridge (Phase II) (Lots 73 thru 156)
Remington Ridge (Phase III) (Lots 157 thru 251)
Replat of Thousand Oaks Addition
Riverview Estates
Riverview Forest
Robb's Hilltop Acres 2
Robb's Hilltop Acres
Rolling Prairie Estates
S&S's Harvest Hill
Sarpy Heights II
Sarpy Heights
Savanna Shores
Schwers Industrial Park
Settlers Creek
Seven Hills Estates
Shadow Lake (Lots 1-295)
Shadow Lake (Lots 296-648)
Shadow Lake (Lots 649-750)
Smith Acres
South Crest
Southbrook Covenants
Southcrest Hills (Lots 1-52 & OLA)
Southcrest Hills (Lots 53-104 & OLB & C)
Southern Hills
Southern Oaks
Southern Park
Southern Valley
Southgate Estates
Southport West
Southridge 1st Addition
Southridge 3rd Addition
Spring Creek
Spring Ridge Covenants
Springfield Pines Replat I
Standing Stone (Lots 1-112)
Standing Stone (Lots 113-328)
Stockmans Hollow
Stonybrook South
Sugar Creek Neighborhood Center
Sugar Creek Replat 1
Sugar Creek Replat 2
Sugar Creek Replat 3
Sugar Creek
Summerfield Replat
Summit Ridge
Sun Valley
Sunnyview Estates
Sunridge (Lots 171-176)
Sunrise Addition (Lots 1-86)
Sunrise Addition (Lots 87-448)
Sunset Acres & Replat
Tara Heights (Lots 11-36 & 38-82)

Tara Heights (Lots 83-130)
Tara Heights (Lots 131-235)
Tara Heights (Lots 239-322)
Tara Heights (Lots 323-437)
Tara Highlands
Tara Hills
Terrace Heights
The Meadows Replat
The Meadows Replat VI
The Meadows Replat VII
The Meadows Replat VIII

The Meadows Replat IX
The Shadows
The Town
The Westmont Condominium Property Regime
Thomas Riverside Acres
Thousand Oaks Addition
Tiburon Estates
Tiburon Patio Homes
Tiburon Replat VIII
Tiburon Ridge
Tiburon View II
Titan Springs
Trailside Acres
Tregaron Towne Centre
Tregaron Woods Replat 1
Twin Ridge II
Twin Ridge Replat
Twin Ridge V
Two Springs Replat II
Two Springs Replat III
Two Springs
Val Verde (Lots 1-215)
Val Verde (Lots 216-247)
Val Verde Replat 1
Val Vista Replat 4
Valley View
Viking Park
Villa Springs Replat 1
Villas at Southwind
Waldruh Replats
Walnut Creek Estates
Walnut Creek Hills Replat 3
Walnut Creek Hills South
Walnut Creek Hills
West Cornhusker Plaza South
West Cornhusker Plaza
Western Hills Villas
Western Hills
Westmont 2nd Platting
Westmont Replat IV
Whispering Timber Estates
Willow Park (Lots 1-33)
Willow Park (Lots 34-214)
Willow Springs
Woodland Creek (Lots 1-99)

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