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We pride ourselves on our customer service, especially for our lending partners. 


Title Certificates & Searches

Owner and Encumbrance Reports

Title Insurance Commitments & Polices

Escrow & Closing Services

Witness / Notary Closings

1031 Exchange Services

Convenient on-site closings or “House Calls” – we will facilitate signings at a preferred location

“Midwest Title Live” for on-demand access to pertinent documents and staying informed

Dollar Bills

Clicking this link will redirect you directly to our underwriter Old Republic Title

Possible Additional Fees

add $75.00 - Simultaneous Issue Charge                                   

add $25.00 - ALTA 5 Planned Unit Development (PUD)           

add $25.00 - ALTA 8.1 Environmental Lien Protection

(EPA Endorsement).                                                   

add $25.00 - ALTA 9 Restrict, Encroachment, Minerals

(Comp. Endorsement).                                              

add $25.00 - ALTA 22 Location.                                                   

add $25.00 - Insured Closing Protection Letter                       

For Other Endorsements Call for quotes (Most are $25.00)

Closing Fees*

$275.00 - Lender Closing Fee Refinance                                   

$250.00 - Lender Closing Fee Purchase (Buyer Charged)       

$600.00 - Escrow Closing Fee (Buyer/Seller split)                     

Nebraska Filing Fees

first page - $10.00
for each additional page - $6.00

Iowa Filing Fees

first page - $7.00

for each additional page - $5.00


*To be used as an estimate and not a quotation or guarantee. Please call one of our licensed producers to obtain a quote.

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